Business Studies

Business Administration

Working GroupHeadInstitute  Contact
Work, personnel and organizationProf. Dr. Werner NienhüserIBESContact
Economic EducationProf. Dr. Thomas RetzmannIBESContact
Energy trading and FinanceProf. Dr. Rüdiger KieselIBESContact
Energy EconomicsProf. Dr. Christoph WeberIBESContact
FinancingProf. Dr. Heiko JacobsIBESContact
International AccountingProf. Dr. Rainer KasperzakIBESContact
Marketing and TradeProf. Dr. Hendrik SchröderIBESContact
Health Care ManagementProf. Dr. Jürgen WasemIBESContact
Production and Industrial Information ManagementProf. Dr. Stephan ZelewskiIBESContact
Corporate taxationProf. Dr. Ute SchmielIBESContact
Auditing, Corporate Accounting and ControllingProf. Dr. Ludwig MochtyIBESContact

Honorary Professors

Field of researchNameInstituteContact
Business StudiesProf. Dr. Paul J. GroßIBESContact
Business StudiesProf. Dr. Klaus JacobsIBESContact