The following pages give an introduction to all commitees of the faculty and all commitees of the university that have members who belong to the faculty of business administration and economics.


Faculty Council

The Faculty Council constists of university teachers, students, scientific stuff as well as non-scientific stuff. The most important task of the council is the election of the dean and, if necessary, additional members of the deanery (vice dean, academic dean etc. ). According to the Higher Education Act of the state Noth Rhine-Westfalia and the basic order of an university,  the Faculty Council consults or decides about the usage of ressources of the faculty (monetary and non-monetary ressources, human ressources, rooms etc.) and about fundamental questions of research and teaching.  link

Doctoral Commitee

The Doctoral Commitee decides about the requirements that graduates have to meet in order to be approved for a doctorate. Moreover it decides about the professors who guide doctoral students. link

Examination Board

The Examination Board of a study controlls the compliance of the respective examination regulations. This includes the recognition of academic performances, extensions of the thesis, verification of medical certificates and decisions about contradictions. Furthermore it observes the developement of examinations and the period of study and gives proposals about reforms of the examination and study regulations. link

Degree Commissioners

Professors can be elected as Degree Commissioners. The tasks of the Degree Commissioner consists of the maintenance and developement of a study degree.  link

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consult in matters of teaching and studying, especially in matters of  study reforms, evaluation of study and teaching. Moreover it consults the Faculty Council and the dean with regard to an adoption or a change of the examination regulations (§ 28 Abs. 8 HG NRW). It consists of the academic dean and other university teachers as well as one academic and non-academic member, who work for a chair of the institude IBES  and one academic and non-academic member of the ICB , two students, who are enrolled in an economical study degree  and two students who are enrolled in a computer scientifcal field. link

Commission for Improving Quality

The Commission for Improving Quality consists of university teachers, academic and non-academic stuff as well as non-scientific stuff, students and the dean. They consult about the usage of the means  Sie berät über die Verwendung der Qualitätsverbesserungsmittel at the faculty-level. These means finance inter alia the improvement of the service for students and the organisation of the teaching. link


The Senate is equivalent to the Parlament of the university.  It solely deals  with all matters regarding the areas of research, teachning and study, that involves the whole university. Organisation and administrations does not belong to its tasks. The senate approves the election of the rectorate, comments on the reports of the rector, gives recommondations about agreements of goals and performance of the university and resolves on all valid regulations for the whole university. link