Field of research Name Institute
Financial Management and Fiscal Accounting Prof. Dr. Otto L. Adelberger IBES
Business Information Systems of Producing Companies Prof. i.R. Dr. Heimo Adelsberger ICB
Econometrics Prof. i.R. Dr. Walter Assenmacher IBES
Organization and Planning Prof. i.R. Dr. Ingolf Bamberger IBES
Procurement, Logistics and Information Prof. i.R. Dr. Frank-Dieter Dorloff ICB
Reliability of Computer Systems Prof. i.R. Dr. Klaus Echtle ICB
Financial Economics and Banking Prof. i.R. Dr. Rainer Elschen IBES
Macroeconomics Prof. i.R. Dr. Werner Gaab IBES
Private and Business Law Prof. i.R. Dr. Klaus Hübner IBES
Regional and sectoral structural policies Prof. i.R. Dr. Dietrich-Wilhelm Köppen IBES
Economic policy, especially market and competition Prof. i.R. Dr. Norbert Kottmann IBES
Environmental management and monitoring Prof. i.R. Dr. Christoph Lange IBES
System Modelling Prof. i.R. Dr. Bruno Müller-Clostermann ICB
Economic Education Prof. i.R. Dr. Bernhard Nibbrig IBES
Public Economics Prof. i.R. Dr. Klaus Oelschläger IBES
Social Policy Prof. i.R. Dr. Peter Peschel IBES
Energy Economics Prof. i.R. Dr. Dieter Schmitt IBES
Business Application Systems Prof. i.R. Dr. Alfred Schönlein ICB
Data Management Systems and Knowledge Representation Prof. i.R. Dr. Rainer Unland ICB