Field of researchNameInstitute
Financial Management and Fiscal AccountingProf. i.R. Dr. Otto L. AdelbergerIBES
Business Information Systems of Producing CompaniesProf. i.R. Dr. Heimo AdelsbergerICB
EconometricsProf. i.R. Dr. Walter AssenmacherIBES
Organization and PlanningProf. i.R. Dr. Ingolf BambergerIBES
Procurement, Logistics and InformationProf. i.R. Dr. Frank-Dieter DorloffICB
Reliability of Computer SystemsProf. i.R. Dr. Klaus EchtleICB
Financial Economics and BankingProf. i.R. Dr. Rainer ElschenIBES
MacroeconomicsProf. i.R. Dr. Werner GaabIBES
Private and Business LawProf. i.R. Dr. Klaus HübnerIBES
Regional and sectoral structural policiesProf. i.R. Dr. Dietrich-Wilhelm KöppenIBES
Economic policy, especially market and competitionProf. i.R. Dr. Norbert KottmannIBES
Environmental management and monitoringProf. i.R. Dr. Christoph LangeIBES
Economic EducationProf. i.R. Dr. Bernhard NibbrigIBES
Public EconomicsProf. i.R. Dr. Klaus OelschlägerIBES
Social PolicyProf. i.R. Dr. Peter PeschelIBES
Energy EconomicsProf. i.R. Dr. Dieter SchmittIBES
Business Application SystemsProf. i.R. Dr. Alfred SchönleinICB
Data Management Systems and Knowledge RepresentationProf. i.R. Dr. Rainer UnlandICB
Accounting and ControllingProf. i.R. Ludwig MochtyIBES
Work, personnel and organizationProf. i.R. Dr. Werner NienhüserIBES