Faculty Profile

Globalisation as we have experienced it in recent years would have been unimaginable without tremendous advances in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) going along with the world-wide deregulation of markets. Thus, technology transfer is accelerated, the boundaries of national economies dissolve and the competitive pressure for enterprises increases. Almost globally interconnected markets for goods, capital, labour and information emerge, creating new challenges but also potential threats for companies and citizens.

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the University of Duisburg-Essen analyses - in research and science - topical issues from the perspectives of economics, business administration, business law and didactics. The focus is on structures and processes of enterprises, markets and organizations. Of particular interest are the sectors energy, health, retail and services as well as auditing, tax advisory and consulting.

The Faculty puts special emphasis on the education of capable graduates for the economy, research and teaching for and in vocational schools in the sector 'Economy and Administration'. Research and teaching are interdisciplinary. "Networking across disciplines" describes the successful, practice-oriented model developed by the Faculty. Therefore students can easily switch between the different study programs within the faculty.

Besides Business Studies, Health Care Management, Energy and Finance, Markets and Companies, Economic Studies and Health Economics, our Faculty offers programs for studying teaching at vocational schools as well as many research-related courses.
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Prof. Dr. Erwin Amann
Dean of the Faculty for Business Administration and Economics