Honorary Professors

Honory Professor Dr. Pierre-Michael Meier

Dr. Pierre-Michael Meier was awarded an honorary professorship at the Faculty of Business and Economics in November 2023.
Dr. Meier has been a lecturer in the two Master's programs in Medical Management since 2009. In addition, there are numerous scientific collaborations between the Chair of Medical Management and him, especially in connection with the 'Entscheiderfabrik', which he founded and has been managing full-time since 2019. Dr. Meier is thus active at the important interface between science and practice in the highly relevant area of hospital digitalization.
With the award of the honorary professorship, the faculty would like to further strengthen the close contact with one of the leading experts in the field of hospital digitalization. Since the faculty has a focus on teaching in the master's programs Medical Management and Health Economics, these students can benefit particularly from Dr. Meier's experience and knowledge.
Honory Professor Dr. Guido Becker

The Faculty of Business and Economics awarded Dr. Guido Becker the honorary professorship in the winter semester 2018/19. Dr. Becker began his academic career as a research assistant at the Chair of Private Business and Employment Law of Prof. Dr. Hamann. Since completing his doctorate in 2013, Dr. Becker has continuously held teaching assignments in business law in the field of intellectual property law. As a lawyer, Dr. Becker has now become a recognized expert in the field of trademark and design law beyond national borders. With the award of the honorary professorship, the faculty expresses its appreciation for Dr. Becker's commitment and is looking forward to further intensive cooperation in teaching and research.

Honory Professor Dr. Axel Nientimp

In October 2018, the Faculty of Business and Economics awarded Prof. Dr. Axel Nientimp the title of Honorary Professor. The faculty thus expresses that there has been a close connection with Prof. Dr. Nientimp for years, which it would like to secure in the long term. Prof. Dr. Nientimp, who is one of the most nationally and internationally visible German experts on transfer pricing issues, conducts research in this area in particular. He lectures on the economic effects of international taxation rules at the department of Prof. Dr. Ute Schmiel.

Honory Professor Dr. med. Kirstin Börchers

On December 11, 2018, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration awarded Prof.  Dr. med. Kirstin Börchers an honorary professorship. Professor Dr. Börchers has been visiting lecturer in the area of medical management of the Faculty since 2007. The main focus of her teaching activity and research work is the specific area of quality management in public health, particularly with regard to hospitals. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erwin Rathgeb, the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Adminstration, handed over the cerificate of appointment to her. The Faculty congratulates and is happy about the continuing collaboration.


Honorary Professor Dr. Klaus Jacobs

On 6th September 2011 the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics awarded Professor Dr. Klaus Jakobs the title of Honorary Professor. Since 2007 he has been teaching “Drafting of Contracts of Health Insurances” in the specialist area of medical management at the chair “Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach – Stiftung” represented by Professor Dr. Jürgen Wasem. For more than 20 years Professor Jakobs has been working actively as a health economist combining science and practice in the field of health economy. After many years at “Institut für Gesundheits- und Sozialforschung (IGES)" in Berlin, he is now chief executive of the scientific institute of AOK and has been working there since 2002. His multifaceted key working fields involve micro – and macroeconomic questions regarding the organization and control of health care services and its funding.

Honorary Professor Dr.  Roland Döhrn

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration awarded Prof. Dr. Roland Döhrn an honorary professorship on 5th October 2010 (winter semester 2009/2010). The economics expert from the Rheinisch-Westfälischen Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (RWI) has made his reputation especially in the fields of economic research, European integration, direct investments and structural change. Professor Döhrn received the award in recognition of his outstanding academic service and teaching skills, from which students of the Faculty have been benefiting since 1995. Thanks to Professor Döhrn‘s initiative, students are given an insight into the working methods of this renowned institute; some of the prospective academics even have the opportunity to undertake an internship at the RWI. Professor Döhrn underpins the work performed by the Chair of Statistics and Econometrics led by Prof. Dr. Walter Assenmacher.

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Honorary Professor Dr.  Paul J. Groß

On 12th January 2010 (winter semester 2009/2010) Professor Dr. Paul J. Groß was awarded the title of Honorary Professor. Professor Groß has lent his academic support to the Faculty since 2003, teaching “Crisis recognition and restructuring” in the specialist area of Auditing, Corporate Accounting and Financial Controlling of the chair headed up by Prof. Dr. Ludwig Mochty. As a member and President of the Working Group for Restructuring and Insolvency of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany, Professor Groß made his name developing new standards for drafting corporate restructuring plans. An extensive database has been established thanks to his excellent contacts to the business world, for the first time making it possible to examine companies’ crisis-handling procedures and the results of their restructuring programmes.

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Retired Honorary professors

Honorary Professor Dr. Fritz Eggesieker
Honorary Professor Dr.  Horst-Dieter Westerhoff