Welcome to the Economics Course Webpages

The Faculty for Economics and Business Administration offers a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Economics, with an emphasis on the empirical, quantitative aspects as well as empirical business research with a practical reference.

The teaching of economics concerns itself with the elucidation and description of economic relationships as well as the opportunities for the realisation of specific and general objectives within individual markets or throughout entire economies. The range of issues addressed in this context ranges from fundamental macroeconomic relationships to the political economic problems of strategy experienced within open economies. The boundaries to business administration are in flux.

Growing internationalisation and intensified competition are creating new roles for economists trained to use their practical skills. Some of these roles are typically found with companies in the financial industry, industrial associations and research institutions. Increasing numbers of economic graduates are finding employment opportunities in business administration fields. The widespread deployment of computer technology requires increasing numbers of academically trained staff capable of responding to economic issues by utilising empirical business research methods. Organised in Essen, this new course of study is intended to respond to these new interdisciplinary demands. Students attend computer-aided econometrics classes where they receive training in how to apply theoretical knowledge, and the Essener Labor für experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung provides them with an opportunity to experience applied business research right up close. A compulsory internship gives participants an initial feeling for how academic knowledge can be applied in practice.