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Quality in study and teaching

What are the prerequisites for teaching and learning processes to succeed and the results to be successful? How can the quality of study and teaching be secured and continuously improved??

At the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) and the Faculty of Economics, we systematically answer these questions - also on the basis of evaluation and research - and together with many actors we develop answers at different levels.

  •     Further information about the quality management system of the University of Duisburg-Essen can be found here. (only in German)
  •     The faculty's quality concept can be found here. (only in German)

Means of Improving Quality of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

The faculty consists of two institutes:

  • Institute for Business Administration and Economics (IBES)
  • Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems (ICB)

These structures are considered when distributing the financial resources of quality improvement. The institutes themselves decide how the means are used, involving students.

The Structure of Decision

The Commission of the Means of Quality Improvement consults about the use of the means on faculty-level.
The results of the consultation are then again discussed in a deanship's meeting.

The commission consists of:

  • two members from the group of university teachers
  • one member from the group of academic workers
  • one member from the group of technical and administrative employees
  • five members from the group of students
  • the dean (consulting member)

Use of the Means for Improving Quality in the faculty

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics established new positions to improve the service for the students and the organisation of teaching. These new positions are partially financed by the means of quality improvement.

  • Examination Matters/ Legal Affairs
  • Marketing of Courses of Studies/ Faculty's Communication
  • Organisation of Courses of Studies

Moreover, the Means for Improving Quality fund for example:

  • a virtual PC pool
  • Additional lectures in technical English and
  • Tutorials for the orientation in the beginning of the study