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Offers for Students of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics


ConPract is the abbreviation for ‚Connect to Practice‘. It gives students the possibility to interact and connect with potential employers.

The fair brings companies and students together, enables in-depth discussions and intense interactions. Moreover, it enables students an early access to internships that can be integrated into their studies, so that they can gain initial practical experience in their fields.

The events 'Handel trifft Hochschule‘ and 'Markenartikler treffen Hochschule' are supplementary offers of the faculty that work hand in hand with ConPract.

More Information: ConPract


The chairs for Business Administration and Business Information Systems, and esp. the chair for E-Business and E-Entrepreneurship, offer on the one hand an excellent academical training and on the other hand knowledge for a successful E-Business start-up.

It is a connection between economical and technical teaching fields with the goal to intensify the usage of digital business processes (E-Business) and the founding of new business start-ups in the Net Economy.

More Information: E-Entrepreneurship

These offers can be combined with those of the Akademischen Beratungszentrums (ABZ) (academical counselling centre)

Semester Program: Seminars for a successful career start.

Job Wall of the ABZ

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