Alumni promote friendships.
Alumni promote careers.
Alumni promote knowledge.

Graduates constitute an important link in the network of our Faculty. Personal contacts and a regular exchange of ideas generate important synergies: the Alumni Network enables former students to remain in contact with their peers and with academics as well as to avail of top-quality advanced training programmes, keep up to date with innovations in their own specific areas and pass on their career experiences. On the other hand graduates provide an important boost to the continued development of existing educational institutions, contribute to the provision of optimum training of current students and assist new graduates in entering the employment market.

Established in 1998, the alumni association WiWi Essen e.V. forms a network that links graduates, students and business with the Faculty. With roughly 1000 members, it is the largest alumni association at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The outstanding growth boasted by the Faculty is in part due to its voluntary executive committee, which is made up of current and former Faculty members.

Detailed information about membership of the alumni association and its activities and services for members can be found here.

Seit 1998 verbindet der Alumni-Verein WiWi Essen e.V. Absolventinnen, Absolventen, Studierende und Unternehmen mit der Fakultät. Mit rund 1000 Mitgliedern ist er die größte Ehemaligen-Vereinigung der Universität Duisburg-Essen. Dass die Fakultät auf solch erfreuliche Entwicklungszahlen zurückblicken kann, hat sie zu einem wichtigen Teil dem ehrenamtlich tätigen Vorstand zu verdanken, der sich aus Ehemaligen und Mitgliedern der Fakultät zusammensetzt.

Detaillierte Informationen zur Mitgliedschaft, zu den Leistungen für die Mitglieder und den Aktivitäten des Alumni-Vereins erhalten Sie hier.