Essen's Labatory for experimental economic's research (elfe)

eBay instead of a flea market, My-Hammer instead of a business directory — the online auction is one of the fastest growing sectors of eCommerce. Academic research projects are increasingly looking at this phenomenon.

Opened in 2009, the aim of the laboratory is to analyse the effect of various types of communication on the economic decision-making of participants in virtual markets. How do people make decisions when confronted with social dilemmas and what is the role of communication in this process? Which auction mechanisms will win among the variety of platforms available? To what extent can communication be harnessed as a reputation mechanism? 

With 26 modern computer workstations including 12 sound-insulation booths, which are interconnected via a video and audio conference system, elfe is the world's best equipped experimental laboratory for researching business interaction and communication. 

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