There are two reasons to request a recognition of achievements:

  1. Your were enrolled in a different university and wish to have exams recognized.
  2. You want to transfer to another university and wish to have your exams recognized there.

1. Recognition of Academic Qualifications obtained elsewhere

The examination office provides for each course of study an application form for the " Recognition of Academic Qualifications". Please hand it in together with all required documents.

2. Academic Qualifiations that were obtained here for the recognition elsewhere

To get the recognition you need to hand in the following:

  1. An overview of all achieved Credit Points. The examination office can issue that.
  2. An overview of all the contents of your achieved modules.

The recognition can only be successful if you submit both forms. Point 1 is as important as point 2!
A module with a different name can have the same contents and vice versa. It is important to attach an extensive description accordingly.

You can normally find information about this topic on the pages of the chairs. But oftentimes it is quite difficult to get all those infomation. That why the faculty offers this general overview about the contents and goals of the moduls. All components that were frequently asked are in this form.

Please look up your individual achievements in the browser and use the option "create PDF" to download a copy of the information that contains an URL of this site. This document simplifies the verification process .