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Module (6 Credits)

Inequality in Health

Name in diploma supplement
Inequality in Health
Admission criteria
See exam regulations.
180 hours of student workload, in detail:
  • Attendance: 60 hours
  • Preparation, follow up: 60 hours
  • Exam preparation: 60 hours
The module takes 1 semester(s).
Qualification Targets

Students taking this course will

  • get familiar with quantitative measurement and decomposition methods for health and income inequality
  • learn how health is related to socioeconomic status, poverty, economic development, demographic transition, income inequality and equity
  • deepen their theoretical and empirical knowledge of health economics
  • acquire a broad understanding of the importance of health-related factors for economy and society

The association of health and social status is widely recognized. As this phenomenon is often regarded as being undesirable from a normative point of view, the evaluation of its causes and effects has a high relevance from a policy perspective.

Module Exam

Final written exam on the teaching materials covered in lectures and tutorials (usually 60-90 min.).

Usage in different degree programs
  • ECMXWahlpflichtbereichME5 Economics1st-3rd Sem, Elective
  • GOEMIKWahlpflichtbereich Bereich Volkswirtschaftslehre1st-3rd Sem, Elective
  • MedMan MedGWWahlpflichtbereich IBereich Gesundheitsökonomie1st-3rd Sem, Elective
  • MedMan WiWiWahlpflichtbereich IBereich Gesundheitsökonomie1st-3rd Sem, Elective
  • VWLWahlpflichtbereich I1st-3rd Sem, Elective
Name in diploma supplement
Inequality in Health
Organisational Unit
winter semester
Participants at most
no limit
Preliminary knowledge

Good knowledge of econometrics required.


The students gain a sound knowledge of the theory and empirical contributions in the area of inequality in health.

  • Measurement, Decomposition and Quantitative Analysis of Inequality
  • Poverty and Health
  • Income Inequality and Health
  • The Emergence of a Social Gradient in Health
  • Distributive Justice and Health
  • Currie, J., 2009. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: Socioeconomic Status, Poor Health in Childhood, and Human Capital Development. Journal of Economic Literature 47 (1), 87-122
  • Deaton, A., 2003. Health, Inequality, and Economic Development. Journal of Economic Literature 41 (1), 113-158
Teaching concept

Die Veranstaltung entspricht einem Vorlesungsanteil von 2 SWS und einem Übungsanteil von 2 SWS.

Lecture with integrated exercise: Inequality in Health (WIWI‑C0641)
Module: Inequality in Health (WIWI‑M0480)