Managing Digital Transformation

Name im Diploma SupplementManaging Digital Transformation
Anbieter Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Transformationsmanagement (
LehrpersonProf. Dr. Ralf Plattfaut
TurnusSommersemestermaximale Hörerschaftunbeschränkt

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  • Defining Digital Transformation
  • Transformation and Change
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Projects and Projects
  • Understanding Digital Transformation Processes
  • Different Levels of Digital Transformation
  • Managing other contemporary transformations


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This course takes a blended-learning approach. Students are expected to watch videos and read obligatory literature as part of their weekly preparation, regardless of their location. In addition, classroom discussions will enable students to critically reflect on the newly acquired knowledge and discuss open questions with the lecturer.


  • WiInf-Ma-2010 > Wahlpflichtbereich > Wahlpflichtbereich I: Wirtschaftsinformatik > (1.-3. Fachsemester, Wahlpflicht) Modul "Managing Digital Transformation "
WIWI‑C1246 - Vorlesung: Managing Digital Transformation