Strategic Planning of IS

Name im Diploma SupplementTutorial: Strategic Planning of IS
Anbieter Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Strategisches IT-Management (
LehrpersonProf. Dr. Frederik Ahlemann
TurnusSommersemestermaximale Hörerschaftunbeschränkt

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The tutorial will extend and deepen the contents of the ‘Strategic Planning of IS’ lecture. The students are given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and practical skills in problem solving with regard to using and managing IT in strategic settings. Therefore, the students will be introduced to one or multiple case studies from practice. They are asked to develop and present solutions for the problems described in verbal or written tests.


While the tutorial covers the same ground as the lectures, the case studies may also touch on general management issues.


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didaktisches Konzept

Team work, case studies, group discussions, presentations, intermediate tests.


  • WiInf-Ma-2010 > Wahlpflichtbereich > Wahlpflichtbereich I: Wirtschaftsinformatik > (1.-3. Fachsemester, Wahlpflicht) Modul "Strategic Planning of IS"
WIWI‑C0706 - Übung: Strategic Planning of IS