Practising Econometric Research

Name im Diploma SupplementPractising Econometric Research
Anbieter Lehrstuhl für Ökonometrie (
LehrpersonProf. Dr. Christoph Hanck
TurnusWintersemestermaximale Hörerschaft20

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A working knowledge of econometrics is required. Skills in statistical programming may be helpful.


Participants gain insight into recent econometric research and are familiarized at an early stage with how professional researchers present by attending several research seminar presentations. Students prepare themselves for the presentations by reading suitable seminal papers and/or working paper versions on which the presentation is based beforehand. Summaries of the seminars and a small final project relating to a selected presentation must be prepared.


Students may choose from a list of seminars at all campuses of TUD, UDE and RUB. These will mostly be an appropriate subset with statistical/econometric focus of the seminars linked at the bottom of


Papers underlying the presentations, to be determined at a later stage.


  • ECMX-Ma-2019 > Wahlpflichtbereich > Bereich Applied Econometrics > (1.-3. Fachsemester, Wahlpflicht) Modul "Practising Econometric Research"
WIWI‑C1139 - Seminar: Practising Econometric Research