The Faculty perceives two special aspects of its remit as lying in the transfer of its scientific knowledge and the provision of advice and support to specific target groups in the public domain. We seek to maintain dialogue with important partners such as the general public and the scientific community but also with politicians, representatives from trade and industry and special groups within society such as school children and educators.

We organise regular events such as conferences, symposia, workshops and roundtable discussions, which not only provide academics with the opportunity to exchange ideas and relate experiences but also create an environment in which the results of research can be more rapidly integrated into the social and economic transfer process.


Essener Energiegespräche (energy discussion forum)

In 2008, the Chair for Energy established a new lecture series, the "Essener Energiegespräche". This 14-day event combines lectures on current issues delivered by industry practitioners together with lectures on dissertations given by (former) students. Due to the success this event has enjoyed in previous years, it is now repeated every semester. By comparing academic and practical views on related subject areas, the aim is to stimulate absorbing discussions; the unique concept whereby practitioners and new academics deliver their contributions within a "tandem lecture" is now a consistent feature of this lecture series. Following the various talks, participants are able to continue the discussion of the ideas raised and make new contacts.