Quantitative Climate Finance

Name in diploma supplementLecture Quantitative Climate Finance
Organisational Unit Lehrstuhl für Energiehandel und Finanzdienstleistungen (http://www.lef.wiwi.uni-due.de/)
LecturersProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kiesel
Cyclesummer semesterParticipants at mostno limit

Preliminary knowledge

Good knowledge of statistics and econometrics


Discussion and analysis of financial instruments in the context of economics of climate change. Introduction to emission trading scheme and valuation methods for emission certificates and financial contracts based on emission certificates.


  • Principles of environmental economics: discussion of various regulatory measures
  • Design of emission trading schemes
  • Carbon risks and their impact on financial markets
  • Valuation of derivative contracts based on emission certificates
  • Financing of environmental-economic investment projects


Information regarding current literature will be given during the course.

Teaching concept

Presentation, discussion


  • BWL EaF Master 2015>Wahlpflichtbereich >Modul "Quantitative Climate Finance"1st-3rd Semester, Elective
  • ECMX Master 2019>Wahlpflichtbereich >Bereich Economics >Modul "Quantitative Climate Finance"1st-3rd Semester, Elective
  • EnergySc Master 2016>Fortgeschrittene Energiewissenschaft >Modul "Quantitative Climate Finance"1st Semester, Elective
WIWI‑C0822 - Lecture: Quantitative Climate Finance