Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy

Name in diploma supplementElectricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy
Organisational Unit Lehrstuhl für Energiewirtschaft (http://www.ewl.wiwi.uni-due.de/)
LecturersProf. Dr. Christoph Weber
Cyclewinter semesterParticipants at mostno limit

Preliminary knowledge

Basic knowledge in the field of energy economics (i. e. "Einführung in die Energiewirtschaft")


  1. Subject and fundamental problems, research approaches including their meaning
  2. Management of electricity generation: Contract negotiations and pricing in fuel markets, power plant planning and portfolio management, contract negotiations and pricing in electricity wholesale markets, emission trading, interaction between power plants and pricing, power plant investment strategies and maintenance strategies, IT-Support of generation management
  3. Management of power transmission and distribution: legal aspects of competition and regulation, grid connection and grid pass, grid operation, grid maintenance and grid expansion, processes particularly production schedule management including their IT-Support
  4. Management of power sales: customer segmentation, pricing and product design in retail markets, competition in retail markets, customer relationship management and IT-Support
  5. Management of district heat generation and distribution: Management of cogeneration plants, operation, maintenance and expansion of district heat grids
  6. Management of renewable energies: energy policy framework, investment decisions on renewable energies, integration of renewable energy sources into existing grid operation, backup and storage strategies for renewable energies


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  • Weber, C. (2005): Uncertainty in the Electric Power Industry: Methods and Models for Decision Support; Berlin.


  • BWL EaF Master 2015>Pflichtbereich >Modul "Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy"1st-2nd Semester, Compulsory
  • EnergySc Master 2016>Fortgeschrittene Energiewissenschaft >Modul "Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy"1st Semester, Elective
  • LA gbF/kbF BK Master 2014>Masterprüfung in der kleinen beruflichen Fachrichtung >Produktion, Logistik, Absatz >Profil "Produktionswirtschaft" in der kleinen beruflichen Fachrichtung >Wahlpflichtbereich im Profil "Produktionswirtschaft" >Modul "Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy"1st-3rd Semester, Elective
  • VWL Master 2009-V2013>Wahlpflichtbereich II >Modul "Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy"1st-3rd Semester, Elective
  • WiInf Master 2010>Wahlpflichtbereich >Wahlpflichtbereich II: Informatik, BWL, VWL >Wahlpflichtmodule der Betriebswirtschaftslehre >Modul "Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy"1st-3rd Semester, Elective
  • WiIng Master 2008>Wahlpflichtbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Energiewirtschaft >Modul "Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy"1st-3rd Semester, Elective
  • WiMathe Master 2013>VWL-Energie >Modul "Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy"1st-4th Semester, Elective
WIWI‑C0817 - Lecture: Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy