Energy Trading

Name in diploma supplementExercises Energy Trading
Organisational Unit Lehrstuhl für Energiehandel und Finanzdienstleistungen (http://www.lef.wiwi.uni-due.de/)
LecturersProf. Dr. Rüdiger Kiesel
Cyclewinter semesterParticipants at mostno limit

Preliminary knowledge

Good knowledge in statistics and econometrics.


See lecture.


Recap, discuss, apply and deepen topics covered during the lecture with the help of scientific papers, practical applications and training exercises. Improve theoretical knowledge as well as applied research skills.


See lecture.

Teaching concept

Presentation, discussion


  • BWL EaF Master 2015>Pflichtbereich >Modul "Energy Trading"1st-2nd Semester, Compulsory
  • EnergySc Master 2016>Fortgeschrittene Energiewissenschaft >Modul "Energy Trading"1st Semester, Elective
  • LA gbF/kbF BK Master 2014>Masterprüfung in der großen beruflichen Fachrichtung >Wahlpflichtbereich BWL, VWL, Recht, Statistik >Bereich BWL >Modul "Energy Trading"1st-3rd Semester, Elective
  • VWL Master 2009-V2013>Wahlpflichtbereich II >Modul "Energy Trading"1st-3rd Semester, Elective
  • WiMathe Master 2013>VWL-Energie >Modul "Energy Trading"1st-4th Semester, Elective
WIWI‑C0832 - Exercise: Energy Trading