Institute for Business and Economic Studies


Managing Director:
Prof. Dr. Ansgar Belke
Secretary's office: Ms Priss
Phone: (0201) 183-2276

Yves Landes
The director's assistant
Phone: (0201) 183-6042 
Deputy Director:
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Mochty
Secretary's office: Ms Twardokus
Phone: (0201) 183-2313
Fields of study
Business Administration Law Economics


Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems

Managing Director:
Prof. Dr. Frederik Ahlemann
Secretary's office: Ms. Sohn
Phone: (0201) 183-6790

Deputy Director:
Prof. Dr. Torsten Brinda
Secretary's office: Ms. Quadt
Phone: (0201) 183-7244
Fields of study
Computer Science Business Information Systems