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Übersicht alle Fachgebiete und Professuren der Fak. WIWI

Business Administration


Working GroupHeadInstituteContact
Work, personnel and organizationProf. Dr. Werner NienhüserIBESContact
Economic EducationProf. Dr. Thomas RetzmannIBESContact
Energy trading and FinanceProf. Dr. Rüdiger KieselIBESContact
Energy EconomicsProf. Dr. Christoph WeberIBESContact
FinancingProf. Dr. Heiko JacobsIBESContact
International AccountingProf. Dr. Rainer KasperzakIBESContact
Marketing and TradeProf. Dr. Hendrik SchröderIBESContact
Health Care ManagementProf. Dr. Jürgen WasemIBESContact
Production and Industrial Information ManagementProf. Dr. Stephan ZelewskiIBESContact
Corporate taxationProf. Dr. Ute SchmielIBESContact

Assistant Professors

Working GroupHeadInstituteContact
Environmental Economics, esp. Economics of Renewable EnergyProf. Dr. Florian ZielIBESContact




Working GroupHeadInstituteContact
FinanceProf. Dr. Reinhold SchnabelIBESContact
Health EconomicsProf. Martin Karlsson, Ph.D.IBESContact
International Economic RelationsProf. Dr. Volker ClausenIBESContact
MacroeconomicsN.N. (formerly Prof. Dr. Ansgar Belke)IBESContact
MicroeconomicsProf. Dr. Erwin AmannIBESContact
EconometricsProf. Dr. Christoph HanckIBESContact
Quantitative economic policyN.N. (formerly Prof. Dr. Jeannette Brosig-Koch)IBESContact
StatisticsProf. Dr. Andreas BehrIBESContact

Assistant Professor

Working GroupHeadInstituteContact
Empirical Health Care ManagementProf. Dr. Katharina BlankartIBESContact
Labour and Health EconomicsProf. Dr. Daniel KühnleIBESContact
Labor, Migration and IntegrationProf. Dr. Sebastian OttenIBESContact

Business Information Systems


Working GroupHeadInstituteContact
Digital Business and Digital Entrepreneurship Prof. Dr. Tobias KollmannICBContact
Business Informatics and Integrated Information SystemsProf. Dr. Reinhard SchütteICBContact
Information Systems and Strategic IT ManagementProf. Dr. Frederik AhlemannICBContact
Business Informatics and Software EngineeringProf. Dr. Stefan EickerICBContact
Information Systems and Enterprise ModellingProf. Dr. Ulrich FrankICBContact

Computer Science

Fields of research

Working GroupHeadInstituteContact
Networks and Communication SystemsProf. Dr.-Ing. Amr RizkICBContact
Network Embedded SystemsProf. Dr. Pedro José MarrónICBContact
Software EngineeringProf. Dr. Volker GruhnICBContact
Software Systems EngineeringProf. Dr. Klaus PohlICBContact
Specification of Software SystemsProf. Dr. Michael GoedickeICBContact
Computer Networking TechnologyProf. Dr.-Ing. Erwin RathgebICBContact
Didactics of InformaticsProf. Dr. Torsten BrindaICBContact

Assistant Professors

Working GroupHeadInstituteContact
VisualizationProf. Dr. Fabian BeckICBContact
Secure Software SystemsProf. Dr.-Ing. Lucas Vincenzo DaviICBContact
Human-Computer InteractionProf. Dr. Stefan SchneegaßICBContact

Private Lecturers Computer Science

Field of research                                                           Name                                     Institute Contact          
Soft-ComputingPD Dr. Christina KlüverICBContact



Working GroupHeadInstituteContact
Private Business and employment lawProf. Dr. Wolfgang HamannIBESContact