Figures and Facts of the Faculty

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

  • third biggest faculty of the university
  • about 5000 students
  • more than 40 professors
  • about 300 research staff members


Courses on offer

Bachelors' degree course

  • B.Sc. in Applied Informatics – Systems Engineering
  • B.Sc. in Business Administration
  • B.Sc. in Economics
  • B.Sc. in Business Informatics


Masters' degree course

  • M.Sc. in Applied Informatics – Systems Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Business Administration – Energy and Finance
  • M.Sc. in Business Administration – Health-care Economics and Health-care System Management
  • M.Sc. in Business Adminsitration - Markets and Companies
  • M.A. in Medicine Management for Medical Practitioners and Health Scientists
  • M.A. in Medicine Management for Economists.
  • M.Sc. in Economics
  • M.Sc. in Business Informatics

Teacher training courses

  • Informatics teacher training for high schools and universities
  • Social and business studies for high schools and comprehensives 
  • Vocational economics course combined with a teaching component for vocational colleges 
  • Vocational economics course combined with special vocational components (business studies) for vocational colleges
  • Business studies/politics teaching course for vocational colleges

Advanced courses

  • Online advanced training programme in business informatics (M.Sc.; VAWI, in partnership with the University of Bamberg) 
  • Master of Science in Public Transport Management in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Building Science



 2 Institutes:

  • Institute of Business and Economic Studies (IBES)
  • Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems (ICB)

 Research institutes/laboratory:

  • Essener Labor für experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung (elfe)
  • paluno – The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology
  • House of Energy Markets and Finance (HEMF)
  • CINCH - Natiaonal Research Center for Health Economics
  • TELIT - Forschungszentrum zu Informationssystemen technologiegestützter Lernprozesse und zur ökonomischen und beruflichen Bildung


Locations of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Essen Campus, Universitätsstraße 2, 45141 Essen 

  • Building R09
  • Building R11
  • Building R12

Schützenbahn 70, 45127 Essen

  • Building SA 
  • Building SE 
  • Building SH 
  • Building SL

Gerlingstraße 16, 45127 Essen

Ellernstraße 29, 45326 Essen

Edmund-Körner-Platz 2, 45127 Essen 

  • Building RAB

Berliner Platz 6-8, 45127 Essen  

  • Building WST

Thea-Leymann-Str. 9, 45127 Essen

  • Building WSC

Directions to all the buildings (only in German)


Special services provided by the Faculty

  • ConPract - Connect to Practice: annual Career Networking Fair of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
  • E-Entrepreneurship - Acquisition of expertise in the field of E-Business and Net Economy 
  • Establishment and operation of an IT service centre dedicated to the Faculty
  • Acquisition of SAP expertise through erp4students


International relations